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Onida Ac Service Center List in Kolkata - West Bengal | Address List

Onida ac Service Centre Kolkata:

Onida Air Condtioners Service Center in Kolkata - West Bengal When you speak to a person from Kolkata on their choice of AC, the parameters they have are many for selection.  Good economy is paramount.  Then come good cooling features.  Add to this pollution control.  Then add bacterial control.  Also add specific insect control like that given by some manufacturers against mosquitos.  The requirements are manifold and the demands on the manufacturers really high.  However the firms have withstood the pressure well and Onida AC team and their authorized repairing centers in Kolkata have ensured the best for the citizens.  In fact, the end of this conversation with the Kolkata citizen usually ends with someone praising the virtues of Onida, the air conditioners and the service center in Kolkata.

Onida Air Conditioners Service Center Kolkata - West Bengal

People tend to ignore some of the basics that AC's offer nowadays.  Gone are the days when people just talk about the cooling features.  Now each model has specific features.  If you look at the various models with Onida like Pearl z, Marvel, Grandeur, i-Genius, Aura, Deco Flat, Cherry, etc., you will understand the variety available.  It is only natural then that the consumers are in a dilemma.  This is where the team with Onida air conditioners Kolkata repairing centres step in clarify all their questions.  This can be done over phone or by visiting the service centre.  In fact, even after buying an AC, people are highly dependent on this service team with Onida authorized repairing center Kolkata to help make decisions on temperatures, usage of features, and minor things.
When things get really complicated or you are really dumb on using some of the features, you can book an appointment with the technicians by calling the helpline with the service center for Onida air conditioners in Kolkata or booking on the internet.  The personnel will be in touch with you on what is the issue and if required visit you on premises.

Onida Ac Service Center in Kolkata - West Bengal Address List :

Mirc Electronics Limited, 

#1st Floor - 

Landmark: Above Bank of Baroda, 


Hazra Road, 

City: Kolkata

State: West Bengal

Pin Code: 700-019 

Landline No: 2455-2471 | 0052 | 3909 | 2476-2474 | 2454 – 2472

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