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Onida Ac Service Center List in Kolkata - West Bengal | Address List

Onida ac Service Centre Kolkata:

Onida Air Condtioners Service Center in Kolkata - West Bengal When you speak to a person from Kolkata on their choice of AC, the parameters they have are many for selection.  Good economy is paramount.  Then come good cooling features.  Add to this pollution control.  Then add bacterial control.  Also add specific insect control like that given by some manufacturers against mosquitos.  The requirements are manifold and the demands on the manufacturers really high.  However the firms have withstood the pressure well and Onida AC team and their authorized repairing centers in Kolkata have ensured the best for the citizens.  In fact, the end of this conversation with the Kolkata citizen usually ends with someone praising the virtues of Onida, the air conditioners and the service center in Kolkata.

Onida Air Conditioners Service Center Kolkata - West Bengal

People tend to ignore some of the basics that AC's offer nowadays.  Gone are the days when people just talk about the cooling features.  Now each model has specific features.  If you look at the various models with Onida like Pearl z, Marvel, Grandeur, i-Genius, Aura, Deco Flat, Cherry, etc., you will understand the variety available.  It is only natural then that the consumers are in a dilemma.  This is where the team with Onida air conditioners Kolkata repairing centres step in clarify all their questions.  This can be done over phone or by visiting the service centre.  In fact, even after buying an AC, people are highly dependent on this service team with Onida authorized repairing center Kolkata to help make decisions on temperatures, usage of features, and minor things.

When things get really complicated or you are really dumb on using some of the features, you can book an appointment with the technicians by calling the helpline with the service center for Onida air conditioners in Kolkata or booking on the internet.  The personnel will be in touch with you on what is the issue and if required visit you on premises.

Onida Ac Service Center in Kolkata - West Bengal Address List :

Mirc Electronics Limited, 

#1st Floor - 

Landmark: Above Bank of Baroda, 


Hazra Road, 

City: Kolkata

State: West Bengal

Pin Code: 700-019 
Landline No: 2455-2471 | 0052 | 3909 | 2476-2474 | 2454 – 2472

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LG AC Service Center Address List in Kolkata - West Bengal

LG ac Service Centre Kolkata:

LG Air Conditioner Service Center in Kolkata - West BengalThe Middle East countries totally depend on air conditioners.  To go out in the heat is a pastime that they do not indulge in. The residents prefer to stay indoors even when it is to catch a bus.  The searing heat of the summer ensures this.  Air conditioners thus are a basic necessity there. Change the scenario to Kolkata.  Things are definitely not that extreme.  However, air conditioners still find a place in any dwellers life there.  Be it at office, at home, on the way to office in a car or in a bus, commuting on the metro, in the ICU, they have a brush with the air conditioning unit at some point. Most probably the air conditioners would be LG, the biggest manufacturer of air conditioners in the world barring China sales.  Add to this mix the potency of the best service money can get from the repairing centers for LG AC in Kolkata and the picture is clear.

LG Air Conditioners Service & Repair Center in Kolkata - West Bengal 

To complete the picture though, do take a look at the various features available in an AC from LG. There is the electricity saver, the one with the dual inverter compressor, the mosquito repellent AC, the dust and bacteria filterer, fastest cooler.  It is all there.  These innovations and the timely service from the authorized service centre from LG AC air conditioners Kolkata helps people to make an easy choice of LG as their preferred AC.  As always LG ensures that the professionalism and quality displayed in its products from the manufacturing unit is also reflected in the service that is provided by its service centre for LG AC in Kolkata.  The personnel are well trained and tracks well in all the basics.  The spare parts are standard and original and always in stock which is a plus point for the LG air conditioners repairing centre in Kolkata – no waiting for that elusive spare part to arrive!
While the jury may be out amongst the critiques and the surveys on which is the best service centre, the LG AC Kolkata one remains the best for all its customers, year in and year out.

LG Ac's Repairng Centers in Kolkata - West Bengal | Address




   City: Kolkata
   State: West Bengal
   Phone : 97487-03173 | 97487-40407

   Jessor Road South, 
   Area: Indraprastha, 
   Street: Barasat
   City: Kolkata
   State: West Bwengal
   Phone : 97487-40406|90070-04937

   Prafulla Kanan Road, 
   Landmark: Near Kestopur Crossing Kestopur
   City: Kolkata
   Contact Number: 9062262286 | 9062262284

   Name of Garden: Lotus Garden, 
   Area: Jharda Bagan, 
   Phone Number : 8334902029

5) Suva Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. 
   # No P-27,
   #3rd Stage
   City: Kolkata
   State: West Bengal
   Service Center Telephone Number: 033-3294-3176 | 033-3294-3177

   Prafulla Khanan West Krishnapur
   City: Kolkata
   State: West bengal
   Phone Number : 84201-15573 | 90070-57740

   Matri Kuthi Padmapukur Kajipara 
   Area: Baruipara 24PGS(S)
   City: Kolkata
   State: West Bengal
   Phone : 85848-55699| 85848-55683

   City: Kolkata
   Service Center Contact Number : 9732218300| 9732061229

   Ichapur canal side Howrah
   City: Kolkata
   State: West Bengal
   PH No : 83369-63706

   Jessore Road 
   Area: Barasat
   City: Kolkata
   Pin Code: 700-001
   PH Number : 90515-21483

   # No B-30, 
   Area: Katjunagar
   Phone : 83350-77995 | 83350-77990

   # No G4/2,
   Street: A.P.NAGAR 
   Area: Sonarpur
   Contact Number : 93315-46379

LG AC Mumbai Service Center Address List - Maharashtra

LG ac Service Centre Mumbai:

LG Air Conditioners Service Center in Mumbai - MaharashtraWhen you spend your day coughing from the pollutants around, when the heat gets into your skin, it is natural for you to wish for a remedy that saves you from all this.  Air conditioners are and will be the future for all those who require a remedy.  From the beginning of the twentieth century air conditioners are helping mankind cope with the extremes in temperatures.  LG air conditioners with its service centers in Mumbai continue this into the 21st century.  The varied products from their stable have made sure that LG is the top most Global manufacturers of AC in the world.  This would be the case when the numbers are taken not considering China.

LG Air Conditioners Service Center in Mumbai - Maharashtra

LG is able to stay on top of the trade with its facilities at its LG repairing centres like in Mumbai. While that is the case, the range of features and the innovations that LG is able to bring to its products is another strong factor in its popularity.  Where else would you see an AC that combats mosquitos?  The technology that allows the ac to deter the carbon dioxide emission zoning in for mosquitos helps it to prevent mosquitos from identifying humans.  Add to this technology another that you can clearly see in the charts and posters displayed at the authorized service centre for LG air conditioners in Mumbai.Dual inverter compressor that helps you to save energy by letting the AC cool only as required.  Meaning, energy saved and cheaper bills.  The after sales service and the 5 year warranty offered at LG AC service centre Mumbaiis another attractive feature.
The warranty for Dual compressor of the AC at LG repairing centre Mumbai is 10 years, which speaks much for the confidence that the manufacturers have on their product.  LG rules the roost, so to speak.

LG Ac's Conditioners Service Center in Mumbai - Maharashtra | Address

Phone : 022-28574964/022-28575025/022

Olympus Digital Camera Kolkata Service Centres - West Bengal | Address , Contact Number

Olympus Camera Service Center in Kolkata:

Olympus Camera Service Center in Kolkata - West BengalIt was recently that there were accusations made on renowned photographer (who took the picture of the Afghan girl with the mysterious eyes) that some of his pictures had been edited to enhance it.  The person accepted that the photograph was indeed edited and placed it as an error made by one of his employees.  However, the close scrutiny that is required to determine the genuineness of photographs even by the masters shows how much the photography industry has changed over the years.  In the past, you would have to wait days before you got your films developed.  Now it can be done in matter of minutes.  Earlier, you found it difficult to get your cameras repaired.  Now we have the authorize service centers mushrooming all over like the Olympus camera authorized service center In Kolkata. Life has never been easier and at the same harder for photographers.

Olympus Camera Service Center in Kolkata - West Bengal | Olympus Digital Camera Service Center in Kolkata

Easier because players like Olympus has ensured that we get the best equipment that money can buy and hard because we are spoilt by choice and need expert advice on which is best and what would be overkill.  If you were to take the advice of a staff at an Olympus camera authorized service center in Kolkata, they would surely recommend one from amongst their own stable, not because of brand loyalty, but because of the perfect blend of quality and affordability.  From the time of the brand Pen, to the brand Stylus now, this has been something that took Olympus forward.  The Olympus camerarepairing center in Kolkata would be proud to display the acumen they have in the technology prevalent currently and how Olympus has imbibed it in their brands.
After reading all this, you feel in the mood to go the photographer’s way and would like to speak to an expert from Olympus, do not hesitate to reach out to the Olympus camera authorized service center In Kolkata.  Currently there is only one Olympus camera Kolkata service center which is Capital Electronics at 12 Jawaharlal Nehru Road contactable at 033 22281521.  

Olympus Camera Service Center in Kolkata | West - Bengal

Address: Capital Electronics, 

Area: 12 Jawaharial Nehru Road, 

City: Kolkata 
State: West Bengal
Pin Code:700013
STD Code : 033
Olympus Camera Service Center Telephone Number 's : 2228-1521 | 2228-1521
Email Address:

O General Ac Service Center in Hyderabad - Telangana

O General Ac Service Centre Hyderabad:

O General Air Conditioners Service Centres in Hyderabad - TelanganaFujitsu General was established in 1936.  From there to the formation of the O General air conditioner manufacturing team has been a long and fruitful one. The company looks to bring to the customers, comfortable, safe, and secure in all their business domains.  The eco-friendly outlook of their products points to this.  It is imperative then that the air conditioners from this team have a support function like the O General air conditioning service center in Hyderabad to keep the AC's well-tuned and as per all the requirements for a safe and sound ecology.  The technology available to this teams and the constant updating of same ensures that the service teams with the service center for O General AC Hyderabad are on their toes and well-equipped for any eventuality

O General Ac Service Center in Hyderabad - Telangana | Authorized

The AC's available with O General AC are of 4 major kinds.  They are Split systems, Multi Split systems, VRF systems, and Ventilation. Each requires a different set of skills to service. The O General AC repairing center team with Hyderabad employees personnel who can cater to any of the issues that can come up with any of the AC's. The process to book a service with them is easy. You can call up the customer care team.  If not, you can log in to their website and put in a requisition form.  The response from the team is quick and efficient.  A note is made of the type of issues faced and depending on the seriousness, a decision is made whether to take the AC to the service center for O General air conditioners Hyderabad.
Once decided the resolution does not take long with the service center keeping to the timeline.  The availability of spare parts is also high.  At the end of the day, when your AC arrives back healthy and working, the repairing center for O General AC Hyderabad will be high on your recommended list of service providers.

O Genaral Air Conditioner Service Center in Hyderabad - Telangana | Address

O General Ac Service Center Contact Number : 1860-2081-007

Haier Ac Ahmedabad Service Center List - Gujarat

Haier ac Service Centre Ahmedabad :

Haier Air Conditioner Repairng Center in Ahmedabad - GujaratWhen it gets really sweaty, when you get real dehydrated, when the going gets tough due to the unbearable heat, whom do you turn to?  One answer would be God to put it metaphysically.  However, if you are looking at the physical world, other than drinking lots of water, protecting yourself from the sunlight, and staying mostly indoors, the most sought after answer is air conditioners.  It was not cheap earlier, but it is cheaper now.  The Haier AC and its service centres in Ahmedabad have made it cheaper with the Chinese philosophy of mass sales compensating for lower prices.  It seems to have clicked with the masses you can see now around the authorized service centre of Haier air conditioners in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad Haier Air Conditioner Service Center - Gujarat 

The ACs now are cheaper to maintain.  How?  The answer rests in the technology in use called the inverter AC which allows for you to only spend the required amount of energy to cool the atmosphere.  Haier AC also has this technology in their ACs.  The cost of the product may be slightly higher; however, in the long run, the trips to the Ahmedabad repairing centre for Haier air conditioners would be much lesser for these models.  The service is much more affordable at a Haier air conditioner authorized repairing centre in Ahmedabad due to the same philosophy of mass production. 
When you approach for servicing your AC, it is always easier for you to book the services using the Haier AC India website.  The form would ask for your contact and location details plus the model to be serviced, serial number, and date of purchase.  Once these are given, your issue is registered and await a call from the representative from the Haier repairing centre for AC in Ahmedabad.The response is quite prompt and the service of good quality.

Haier Air Conditioner Service Centre Address in Ahmedabad - Gujarat


Carrier ac Service Centers Address List in Kolkata - West Bengal

Carrier ac Service Center Kolkata:

Carrier Air Conditioner Service  Centres in Kolkata
There was a time when Kolkata would be infamously known as the dirtiest city of India.  Despite this, there was an old world charm which was invariably pulling the tourists to the place.  The trams, the battered public transport, the not so good looking private transport, the paan filthy walls from years of abuse; all this lead to the infamous description.  While the city continues without much change and the pollution and dust continue to build, the intelligentsia have moved on to make their haven safe and sound.  Creating their own private spaces devoid of the dust and pollutants.  How?  By pulling in the services of Kolkata Carrier AC and its service center personnel .

Carrier Ac Service Centers in Kolkata - West Bengal | Authorized Reparing Centres 

A haven it is that Carrier ac gives with its dehumidifiers, pollution filters, various forms and types of air conditioning, different sizes of air conditioners.  As the number of variants go up, the requirement of varied forms of service from the repairing centers of Carrier air conditioning Kolkata also go up.   The technically qualified service engineers at the authorized service centers of Carrier ac are quite capable of providing these services with the state of the art facilities available at its technical service area.  However, not all service requires the ac to be moved to a Carrier ac Kolkata service center.  The personnel also come in to your doorstep and take care of many issues by servicing at home.  The charges are well worth it.
A visit to get your AC serviced at the service area would also bear witness for you the advances made by the team in fastest and most efficient of tools.  The premises are well maintained and the front office staff at their politest best.  If it is brand loyalty that Carrier aims at with its various service centers for air conditioners in Kolkata, they are already in the path of success.

Carrier Ac's Authorized Service Centres Address List in Kolkata - West Bengal 

Toll Free Numbers: 1800-3011-1111 | 1800-3121-1111 | 1800-3000-3545

Carrier Ac Service Centres List in Bangalore - Karnataka

Carrier Ac Service Center Bangalore:

Carrier Ac Service Centers in  Bangalore - KarnatakaSometime in the past, Bangalore was the garden city.  With a cool climate and pretty surroundings, it was the cynosure of many eyes as a city.  As time went on, the sins of a modern city caught on and it has slowly transformed into a pollution and technology hub of India.  Time has proven that to live in Bangalore and stay healthy, you need to take action yourself.  The city authorities can only do so much to take care of the fight against the filth.  That is where air condition manufacturer like Carrier has been pressed into service along with their trusted support system, the Carrier repairing center Bangalore for ac.

Carrier Ac Service Center in Bangalore - Karnataka | Carrier Ac Reparing Centres Address 

Why is that we mention the name Carrier?  Definitely because of the awe it inspires in the world of artificial climate control.  When Willis Carrier embarked on the journey of air conditioning, he also opened up the opportunity for humanity to live a better life.  The legacy has been built on by the next generations of Carrier professionals, now going on with the support staff at the authorized service center Carrier air conditioners Bangalore. What sets apart this set of individuals from the rest?  The prompt service a person gets when in touch with the team at Carrier ac Bangalore Service Center, for one.  The enthusiasm displayed to show that their brand is the best and any issues can be solved at the doorstep or in the rare cases at the Bangalore repairing center for Carrier acwould be another.

The team are pre-emptive about what could be the reason just by hearing the symptoms over a call.  The smartly dressed engineers from the service center at Bangalore Carrier air conditioners arrive at the nearest opportunity and if a time is promised, they are there on time.  The rest of the work happens quick and they leave you a happy customer, sooner than later.

Carrier Ac Service Center Bangalore - Karnataka | Address

Landmark: third floor, Block No 3 ,Prestige Blue Chip, No.9, 

Street: Hosur Road,

City: Bangalore

State: Karnataka
Pin Code: 560-029
Contact Number:  +91- 80 43-4420-00
Fax No: +91- 80 41-3212-22

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Carrier AC Service Centers List in Hyderabad - Telangana

Carrier AC Service Center Hyderabad:

Carrier Ac Servicde Center Address List in Hyderabad - TelanganaTelengana is a land of extremes with extreme heat and extreme cold.  The climate is unpredictable with frequent ups and downs in the climatic conditions.  Hence the people of Hyderabad are hardened veterans and tackle these with ease.  Their biggest ally in this struggle in the modern world, of course, is the air conditioners, which allow them an easy breather towards heat variations.  Carrier ac and its service center in Hyderabad thus become an important part of their life.  Carrier ac, as all know, changed the world with the revolutionary findings in artificial climatic conditions which a century and later still forms the axis around which the air cooling business runs.  Therefore, when Carrier air conditioner repairing center Hyderabad services are asked for, they expect the best to happen.

Carier AC Hyderabad Service Centres - Telangana | Authorized Repair Centers

Carrier’s authorized service centers for air conditioners in Hyderabad are world class as they recognize the requirements of their customers pretty well.  Their service engineers are well informed and when it comes to door to door service, they are efficient, prompt, and customer oriented.  Since the heat is so severe, they understand that time is of essence and gives quick and practical advice.  If the ac needs to be shifted to the facilities of Carrier’s Hyderabad service center, they are quick to point out ways and means.

Once the ac reaches the repairing center for Carrier ac in Hyderabad, the service engineers give a thorough once over of the equipment, rectify the issues, change anything that requires changing with original spare parts, give you transparent insight into the charges, do a thorough cleaning of the equipment and leave you a customer satisfied beyond words.  The quiet professionalism on display makes you thank the day you decided to go for a Carrier AC when choosing an air conditioner.   The legacy of the founder of air conditioning lives through its products and services.

Carrier AC Service Centres in Hyderabad - Telangana:

Complex Name: TSR Towers,A"Block, Fourth Floor, # 6-3-1090

Street: Rajbhavan Road, 

Area: Somajiguda,

State: Telangana
Pin Code : 500082
LandLine No: 040-41100222